Have You Lost the Instructions

Have You Lost the Instructions

When I was a kid one of my favourite hobbies was building plastic model aeroplanes.

The kits came in a box with all the plastic parts fixed together in a sheet and the instructions. You separated the individual bits, read the instructions, glued he parts together and built the model.
It was great fun.

Some of the models were pretty big with a serious amount of parts and even with the instructions, it would take 3 or 4 weeks to complete the job. Imagine how long it would take to complete the model if there were no instructions.

If the kit were large, it might seem an impossible task. You might start but give up part way and go on to something more interesting because you were not making progress and it was getting harder and harder to work things out.

Starting an online business by yourself can seem like trying to build a big model without the instructions.


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