About Me

My Name is Robert Taylor and I am sort of retired.

This means to me I do what I want, not what an employer wants me to do. Freedom is a marvellous thing.

I have been around for a while, worked in the engineering/computer industries, been made redundant 3 times, nearly killed myself racing bikes a couple of times (pushbikes, the kind where you have to pedal) travelled to over 40 countries and generally seen a bit of life.

Someone once said cynicism is another word for experience and it often seems like this when you look at the world, but negativity is a real killer and should be avoided at all costs.

If you look at the Make Money Online(MMO) world it’s sometimes difficult not to be cynical as there is so much hype and lies around.

Claims such as “Make $3000 in 3 weeks” and “This software builds you a 6 figure business tomorrow without any work” are just lies.

It’s so easy to get cynical if you have tried some of these hair brained schemes and found they are just hype and don’t work as the description said they would. Some do have potential, but few plans work straight out of the box, they need work and experimentation.

The reality is however (and a lot of people would not believe this) that it is possible to build a 6 figure income business with just a laptop computer and access to the web and there are only really 2 things you need.

They are Mindset and Effort

In the past we used to call it “having the right attitude” but today we use the word “mindset” which is a far more comprehensive understanding.

Mindset is the key factor in being successful, far more than most people realise and certainly more important than the technical side of the business.

If your mindset is right, you can overcome all the problems and obstacles that may stand in your way. Without the correct mindset, failure is certain.

Being committed to put in the effort is the second factor. To be successful online you don’t need to be an Einstein with a 150 plus IQ, just average intelligence and a preparedness to learn is sufficient.

The advice I give is always something proven to work and is of real value – no fluff. Time is valuable and I don’t like to waste my time, and definitely don’t want to waste the time of others either.