Some Sobering Facts About Website Security

One of the biggest problems in digital marketing today is hacking. People who want to hack into secure accounts to gain private information, access membership sites and download products free.

They will look for a product or membership site's thank you URL and gain access to the products found there for nothing. So all of the hard work that the marketer took to create the content or a product will be wasted as someone got it for nothing.

Keeping would-be thieves from getting access to your content without paying for it is one of the key steps in running a successful online business.

What is required is a easy way to stop thieves stealing your software,
downloadable products, e-books and pdf files.

Turbo Instant Membership Builder is revolutionary software that allows you to password protected an online area and also establish a user management system with just a few clicks.

It is designed to cut out all the complicated steps in installing a members' area and setting up the membership's options by offering you only what you need!

Here's how it works in 4 simple steps:

1. Upload the files of Turbo Instant Membership Builder in the same directory where your downloads or thank you pages are.

2. Login to the protected administration area.

3. Create a registration code (even its expiration date) and control the number of IP addresses a member can use when logging into your protected area.

4. Deliver the registration link and the registration code to your legitimate customers.

You are Done....It's as Simple as That

See a demonstration of the software in Action

This software program enables you to create a secure membership site in five minutes without needing to know ANYTHING about coding or WordPress.

You just put the thank you page to your server and the Turbo Instant Membership Builder files into the same directory.

This will lead to the thank you page asking for a username and password to access the membership site and the content/products inside of it.

So new customers to the site will need to register with a username and password in order to access the membership site.

The nightmare of setting up a secure membership site is solved and without having to try how to use WordPress and securing it.

You can ban a customer with one click and limit the number of IP addresses any one customer can log in with. Therefore if a customer passes on his or her log in information to a third pary, they will not be able to access the content.

All your files, videos, content and products are completely safe from thieves.

Turbo Instant Membership Builder enables you to build a
secure membership site in five minutes!



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