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7 Zip: (free download)
An open source, free alternative to WinZip.
An open source software used for recording & editing audio files.

AVG: (free download)
Anti-virus and anti-spyware protection. (free online tool)
Use this site to view how your website look in various browsers. (free download)
Lets you record all screen & audio activity on your computer and create video files. download)
Removes unused files from your pc allowing Windows to run faster and freeing up space. (free online tool)/br> A multi-purpose color picker – great for web designers and programmers (free online tool)
Is your site down? Use this tool to see if your website is down for other people. download)
Quickly check for duplicate content & LSI keywords. download)
Scan your notes, receipts, etc… it will OCR the content, scan it, and make it searchable) (free download)
Open source FTP program for uploading files to your host. download)
An open source program used to create & edit – free alternative to Photoshop. download)
An easy to use WYSIWYG HTML editor. download)
Open source office software – word processing, spreadsheets, databases, presentations … download)
Open Source Web Design offers free web design templates download)
Use this tool to easily convert files to PSD format download)
Easily create editable Word Doc files from PDF content – for legit purposes only !!!!) download)
Great for web designers – just point to a color and discover the code value for that color. download)
Easily & safely manage your passwords. (free download)
Software that allows you to “capture” any part of your desktop, a window or full screen. download)
Make free calls over the internet to other people on Skype.

Textpad: (free download) VLC Media Player: (free download) Media player capable of reading most audio and video formats. download)
A powerful text editor. I personally like Textpad for editing HTML code. download)
Media player capable of reading most audio and video formats.