It’s All In Your Head

It’s All In Your Head

All of my life up to recently I have been an employee. I have worked in a cinema, a lot of engineering companies including well know names and lastly in the computer hardware business.

The thing that all these jobs had in common was that the employer decided the scope of my responsibilities. They decided what I had to do, when it had to be done plus anything else that came along.

There was a job description and a clear line of authority, usually above me and sometimes below me as well. Although employment can be difficult and stressful, running your own business is a completely different ballgame.

When you are working for yourself, you are responsible for every decision and the results those decisions produce. The buck really does stop with you.

The employee mindset

The employee mindset revolves around comfort, security, minimal stress and low risk. The entrepreneurial mindset is all about seeing and realising opportunities, calculated risks, achieving goals and taking action.

So if you are new to running your own business, have a look at yourself and ask the question, is my current mindset going to allow me to achieve what I want.

Years ago we used to call it “having the right attitude” to something but today the concept of “mindset” really means the same thing, the passport or key to your success is really all in your head.

Many are familiar with the concept of the “comfort zone, but it’s very true that running your own business takes you well out of your comfort zone repeatedly.

It’s something you just have to get used to.

As an employee, if you break the the rules you could be in trouble or in the worst case scenario, be dismissed. In your own business, it is beneficial to come from a position of no rules and come backwards from there as and when rules are necessary.

Failure of any kind can be a major problem if you have an employee mindset.
For an entrepreneur the best way of dealing with failures is just to regard them as bumps along the way, learn from them and keep moving forward.

It’s a bit like climbing a mountain, there are up and downs, hard and easy stretches and sometimes you have to go down before you can go up again. Keep slightly mentally detached from immediate success or failure and holding the overall destination or goal in mind all the time helps enormously.

If you have read any books on self fulfilment and similar subjects, there is always a lot said about self belief. This is because really believing you can achieve your goals is absolutely key to business success.

Self belief is not a passing thought in the head such as “oh I think I could do that”. True self belief comes from an inner self confidence that is a blend of logical thinking and emotional maturity.

Forget the past. It doesn’t matter a jot about what happened to you yesterday, last year or 10 years ago. Whatever successes or failures you had in the past are totally irrelevant.

If you find yourself thinking “I can’t do that”, kick yourself in the shins and just do it . The word “can’t” doesn’t mean something cannot be achieved, it just means you haven’t found the way yet.